Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment with Pooch Parlor?

The quickest way to reach us is via text. message 914-208-6131

Alternatively, you may send us an email

During the day it is very difficult to answer and return phone calls as we are busy giving the pooches in our care undivided attention! Most texts will be returned at the end of the business day however in some instances it may take up to 24 hours to receive a reply.

If you are a new client wanting to book an initial grooming appointment, please fill out our new client intake form!

Your appointment time is an estimated time of arrival. Arrival time will be within a 1-hour time span.  If you have a 2 pm appointment we expect to be there close to 2 pm however we may arrive anytime between 2 and 3 pm. As a mobile service, our schedule is subject to delays, such as but not limited to Refueling, traffic, driving distance from the previous appointment, and running over on a previous appointment (due to matting, or taking a little extra time with a nervous pooch) If we will be 15 minutes early or late (of the 1-hour window) We will certainly contact you and will keep you posted.

We tend to book 2-3 weeks out. We encourage clients with dogs needed haircuts (not just baths) to prebook their appointments every 4-6 weeks to ensure your pup’s coat stays in great shape! Please ask about our monthly service plans which will help you to save and keep your pooch in tip-top shape!

How does the appointment work?

When we are on our way from our previous appointment you will receive a text message giving you a heads up. Once we are at your home you will receive another text alerting you to our arrival. Please note that we need a level surface to park on. If your driveway is not level we may have to park on the street. In addition in the case of very steep driveways, we may not be able to drive up as our propane tanks are located under the vans.

When we arrive, please escort your pooch to our mobile salon where we can go over any requests and instructions you may have.

Our van is a state of the art mobile grooming salon. We carry our own 50 Gallon water supply which is heated for your dog’s comfort. Our salon is climate controlled so your pooch will be nice and toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. We generate our own power so no need to plus into your home. 

We know that going to a new grooming can be scary for both the owner and the pooch so for any anxious owners and pups, we will be sure to update you with a photo and a text to let you know how it’s going during the grooming!

Once the grooming is finished we will text, call or ring your doorbell and return your dog to you looking and smelling WONDERFUL! 

What if my dog is matted?

If your dog has minor matting in a small area (tail or ears for example) we will do our best to try to gently remove the mats with a combo of products, and tools, (providing the matts are not to the skin) for an additional fee of $15 per area. However, if the matting is more severe covering larger areas of the body the kindest and least stressful thing to do is to shave them down. Your dog’s comfort and happiness is of the utmost importance to us so we do not offer full dematting. We will always be sure to tell you if we must shave down your dog (due to matting) prior to shaving.

Do I have to be home for the appointment?

Absolutely not! Many of our regular clients use our latchkey service. We enter your home through the garage door keypad, front door keypad or you can give us an actual key. We enter your home, scoop up your pooch and bring him into our mobile salon. You come home to a clean well-coiffed dog!

Cancellation Policy

We know things happen and sometimes an appointment must be canceled. We ask that you give us 48 hours notice so we may try to fill your appointment slot. The first time there is no cancellation charge. The second time payment in full will be required for the missed appointment. In addition, you will receive an automated reminder 48 Hours before your appointment.

Weather Policy

During inclement weather with hazardous driving conditions, we will be closed. For the safety of our groomers, we may have to reschedule your Pooch’s spa appointment. Our vans are over 11,000 pounds and do not do well in the snow.

In addition, days, where the temperature dips below the mid-20s, may make it necessary to reschedule your appointment. Our vans have plumbing which tends to freeze up in extremely low temps. Although this only happens on a rare occasion please keep this in mind if you have an appointment scheduled during the winter months.

If rescheduling becomes necessary we typically work EXTRA hard… a little earlier and later to fit all the pups in once the weather has cleared and the roads have been plowed. We will also add a Saturday if needed to make sure all your Pooches stay on Schedule!


 Pricing starts at $120 for Small dogs and is dependent upon breed, coat condition, and size! 

Our groomings are all-inclusive (bath, cut or deciding treatment, nail trimming, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning.

For a quote please text us a photo of your dog along with their breed, approx weight, and date of last grooming.

What is included in the grooming cost?
The grooming is all-inclusive (with the exception of matt removal). Every Full Groom includes:

  • A massaging bath with the highest quality all-natural shampoos
  • Conditioning Treatment
  • Blueberry facial for stain removal
  • Blow out/Fluff dry by hand
  • Hair cut to your specifications OR our 5 Step Deshedding treatment
  • Nail Trimming and Filing
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Ear cleaning and removal of ear hair if necessary
What is a service plan?
We know that maintaining your dog’s coat on your own is not always possible due to busy schedules and feisty dogs! We do offer a variety of packages to keep your dog looking and feeling their best and to help avoid painful dematting and shave downs. Many of our clients love to utilize our maintenance plan! We can customize a package tailored to your dog’s specific grooming needs. From weekly brush-outs, to between grooming bath/blow-dry to monthly standing grooming appointments.
Why Does Mobile grooming cost more than Salon grooming?

CONVENIENCE – We come to you so no need to drive back and forth to the salon.

UNDIVIDED ATTENTION – In a salon there are typically several dogs in some stage of the grooming process at the same time. They are often left to wait hours in a crate for their turn. With mobile grooming your dog is groomed start to finish in about an hour then immediately returned back inside your home.

LESS STRESSFUL – Some dogs experience anxiety around other dogs in the salon setting. With Mobile grooming, your dog has a private session without anxiety-provoking barking and whining from other dogs. Mobile grooming also eliminates stressful car rides as your dog never leaves your premises.

Mobile Grooming is the ultimate social distancing experience! We can meet outside the van so no need for us to enter your home. We can also retrieve your pooch from your yard!

What form of payments do you accept?
Just about everything! Cash, Zelle, Venmo, Check, or any major credit card!